damn girl you classy

Hall & Oates.

We are our father’s daughters.

FOR GODS SAKE, if you can, just listen to the song and don’t watch the video. Seriously.

Oh my god, Fei, I look like a boy.

But mama looks lurvly

love this picture. i just saw it today

love this picture. i just saw it today

I miss ma sistuh.

I miss ma sistuh.

Dear Fei,

I see this in the bookstore window every time I walk to the Biology building. I always laugh in my head because it seems like something you would laugh at.  That goofy ass mouse looks wayyy too excited for kindergarten considering he’s dressed like a fucking middle-aged caucasian man.  Talk about pants that are EXCESSIVELY GODDAMN HIGH.  Something about the relationship between the meager size of his arms and the gargantuan size of his ears is really ridiculous with his tiny mouse face in between.  Also, that dog peeking from the corner is a creep.  However, the more I consider how ugly this mouse is, the cuter it becomes.  Is that weird?

Other things to note:

Perhaps you should visit next weekend? Here are the reasons:

1. Blues and Ribs festival at uchicago on Friday!!! Free ribs and music!

2. We can play this game called: SPOT IT.  It’s a game Emma brought from a toy store in Arkansas.  I think you would think it was really fun and also probably be very good at it.

3. We can bake cookies or brownies or oreoballs.

4. You can have my bed!!


me and my friends made a [horribly retarded] rap song. but its kindof funny and i think we’re going to post it on youtube hoping that it will make us millionaires. we’re not done yet and its really unorganized but heres what we’ve made so far:

Lemme see yo booty pop! booty pop! booty pop!

Lemme see yo booty pop! booty pop— AYYYE!

I see you goin crazy, damn gurl dont get lazy.

Shawty, you a ten. lez take a ride in my benz.

Lemme see yo booty pop- booty booty pop pop!

Lemme see you booty pop! booty pop! AYEE

I see yo booty on the flo!

get it juicy, get it low!

Who you be with? whats yo name? where you come from?


I made up the end btw. starting from ‘i see yo booty on the flo.’

lol, its ridiculously bad. but my friends are taking it really seriously and im pretty sure they  really do think its gonna make millions. haha i love you! cant wait to see you

1. Bullet- Rhyme fest

2. Hustatlantavegas- Drake

4. up in here- DMX

6. Starlight -muse

20. 21 guns- greenday

22. this night we fell- heatwave

23. medley- lindsay lohan

25. Hate (i really dont like you)- plain white ts

26. Trapped in the closet- R. kellayy

30.  Atonement- the roots

33-34. evening sun/ electricityscape- strokes

36. good to you- talib kweli

38. this world is something new to me- rugrats

its really embarrassing that im putting up this picture of me. 
haha, but you requested it! so here you go hehe

its really embarrassing that im putting up this picture of me. 

haha, but you requested it! so here you go hehe